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We have now reached our capacity for the hotel; therefore, no more reservations can be accepted.


Note that the original deadline of Sept.1 has passed.  HOWEVER, since we are expecting 150 or more, we have reconfigured the room, opening up the set-up. That means there is limited new space available if your plans have changed and you would like to attend. Contact Joyce Fresh Neumark ASAP at the address below.


Print and fill out this REGISTRATION FORM and return it by Sept. 1, with a check made out to “WJ Class of 1963” to:

Joyce Fresh Neumark , 307 Chieftan Lane, Boonsboro MD  21713.


Who’s Coming (so far):


Kim Ahearn

Jay Amshey

Alyce Arena Wertheimer

Anne Atwood Vogel

Lynn Bell Lipp

Bonnie Boeglen Bass

Joe Bollo

John Bradeson

Stephanie Brundage

Carole Burch LeWald Wagaman

Tom Carpenter

Sharon Carragher Borga

Richard Charles

Ken Cohen

Elspeth Cooper

Martha Costello Keating

Carol Crawford Rudolph

Cathy Crofoot Sincaglia

Eve  Cutler Church

Joseph Davidson

Dianne Day Capozzella

Dick Dierker

Joe Donahoe

John Donahoe

Yvonne duBuy

Judy Fancey Coleman

Marie Feldman Mactavish

Dan Foss

Linda Fox Konigsberg

Dave Freitag

Joyce Fresh Neumark

Liz Geiger

Sondra Gerhardt Libman

Randy Grant

Bob Graybill

Jack Greeves

Chuck Hardy

Lenny Haynes

Barbara Heider Evans

Ginna Hermann Freitag

Ann Hiatt Moore

Mary Hudson Maday

Gail Humphries Ewing

Bonnie Hyland Custer

Barry Irwin

Carole Johnson Phillips

Mike Kiraly

Barry Korb

Mary Lou Krotine Hershey

Harold Leich

Wally Ligon

Jay Lipp

Vinny LoPresti

Tom Lucas

Toby Mason

Joe Massie

John (J.O.) May

Mack McCune

Barbara Miller Sherrington

Martha Mitchell Krause

Don Monaco

Joan Ohnstad-Lerner

Jim Otting

Sheila Pappalardo Hanz

Dawn Patterson Capron

John Pepper

Sherrill Pollak Hykin

Gay Potter Haldeman

Kathy Remias Wright

Mark Rodgers

Sandy Rowland Law

Barry Rubin

Bev Schreiber Perrell

Art Schwenger

Steve Sonner

Bethel Sebring Stannard

Priscilla Shaw D’Aloia

Ann Showalter Strosnider

Greta Smith Kotler

Suzi Somes Raeside

John Sonnen

Clare Sooter Griffith

Brian Spruill

Joanie Stearn

Pam Stotlar Cook

Ron Stup

Bob Tangerini

Duncan Tebow

Roger Traub

Lee Trunnell

Margie Twiss Wilde

Alan Varhus

Ginny Verdier Little

Jim Walker

Rod Watkins

Jim Weber

Jim Wilcoxon

Miriam Worthington Parsons




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